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Building Trades will Build Back Better with Dakotans for Health

Updated: May 18, 2021

Teamsters Local 120 Truck
Eastern South Dakota Building Trades joins Dakotans for Health

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Today, the Eastern South Dakota Building Trades formally endorsed the grassroots organizing network Dakotans for Health and their effort to expand Medicaid in 2022. The organization issued the following statement from Eastern Building Trades President Mark Rogers:

The Eastern Building Trades Unions are proud to endorse Dakotans for Health. With so much at stake right now, America needs more responsible forward-thinking organizations that reflect American shared values including our right to affordable healthcare. Dakotans for Health values America’s diverse middle class, and the union workers who built and preserve it. It is what Build Back Better is all about.” Said Mark Rogers, President of the Eastern South Dakota Building Trades.

Dakotans for Health has been circulating an initiated constitutional amendment to expand Medicaid since last November that would provide Medicaid health insurance to South Dakotans who make less than $17,000 a year.

We are grateful for the support of our friends at the Eastern South Dakota Building Trades because we need an incredibly strong labor movement that has to grow in America. I am personally looking forward to building back better with Mark and his members and I know the hundreds of grassroots organizers already circulating petitions with Dakotans for Health are too,” said Adam Weiland, Co-Founder of Dakotans for Health.

The non-partisan South Dakota Legislative Research Council has estimated that 42,500 people would be eligible, and that the Federal government would provide over 90% of the cost, estimated to be close to $300 million dollars each and every year, a 15-1 return on investment. South Dakota is one of 12 states that has refused to participate in this federal program made available by the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.


About Dakotans for Health

Dakotans for Health, an emerging group of public officials, caregivers, health care advocates, and concerned citizens supporting the expansion of Medicaid. We have released COMPREHENSIVE MATERIALS for our volunteers to start circulating a petition for a Constitutional Amendment to expand Medicaid. Get yours today!

About Eastern South Dakota Building Trades

Eastern South Dakota Building Trades Unions is an alliance of 14 national and international unions in the building and construction industry that collectively represent thousands of skilled craft professionals in South Dakota.


Help Secure Ballot Access for Medicaid Expansion

Make a donation to help expand Medicaid in South Dakota. You can donate online via ActBlue HERE. You can Make a donation via check our money order HERE.

Obama Campaign Manager Steve Hildebrand on the importance of Grassroots Organizing and Dakotans for Health's campaign to expand Medicaid:

You can watch the full episode with Steve HERE

Message from Montana Governor Steve Bullock to Dakotans for Health petition circulators:

You can watch the full episode with Governor Bullock HERE

One neighbor. Helping another. That's something Tom Daschle understands.

You can watch the full episode with Senator Daschle HERE

Get involved. Volunteer, start circulating a petition, and donate! Text "Medicaid" to (772) 577-2336

Dakotans for Health volunteer QR code.
Join our Grassroots Network (open your camera app and point)

Circulate a Medicaid Expansion Petition (How to)

Want to circulate a petition? We have been on the streets since November of last year! You can find everything you need HERE.

HHS Deputy Secretary Mary Wakefield supports Dakotans for Health and you can too!

You can watch the full episode with Secretary Wakefield HERE

Earl Pomeroy knows a thing or two because he's seen a thing or two.

You can watch the full episode with Congressman Pomeroy HERE

KELO: League of Women Voters Medicaid Expansion Petition Signing Event With Dakotans For Health

You can view the full KELO story HERE


South Dakota is one of twelve states who has yet to expand Medicaid under the ACA
North Dakota expanded Medicaid in 2015. The program has brought hundreds of millions of additional dollars into the state:
Montana expanded Medicaid in 2015 as well. The program brings an additional $600 Million a year to the state:

Visual Learner Summary: according to the fiscal note released by the South Dakota Legislative Research Council last July, South Dakota, upon the expansion of Medicaid, will $15 back for every $1 it puts in. A 15:1 Return On Investment.


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