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Medicaid Expansion Petition 

In order to correctly circulate petitions you need to complete three steps:​​ (1) Download and print our primary materials. (2) Download and print the ACTUAL Medicaid expansion petition. This must be printed double sided! (3) Return your NOTARIZED PETITION to Dakotans for Health at 1109 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. Note: It is critical that you follow best practices in public health as you circulate a petition including wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer regularly, and social distancing aggressively when possible. You can view the CDC's list of best practices HERE.  

Print Double Sided!

Step 2

Download the Medicaid Expansion Petition. Note: This must be printed double sided!

Step 1

Download the primary material packet by clicking the button below. It includes three documents:

  1.  South Dakota Medicaid Expansion Circulator Rules

  2. South Dakota Medicaid ExpansionTalking Points

  3. South Dakota Medicaid Expansion Volunteer Handout (Note: You can download additional copies of this document HERE)

Step 3

Petitions must be NOTARIZED before they can be sent to 1109 S PHILLIPS AVE SIOUX FALLS, SD 57105. If you run into any problems or have questions drop us a line at info@dakotans4health.com.




We share lots of important content and information on our Social Media.  Covering everything from resources for open enrollment to Medicaid Reform that you can use to educate your family and friends. If you haven't already please like, follow, and  engage with us on Social Media. You should also FOLLOW AND COMMENT ON OUR BLOG where we  post important information about the campaign as well as exclusive resources from leading experts in the healthcare, none-profit, and business community.

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Please →SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL AND SMS (TEXT) UPDATES← We will send you exclusive information about our efforts including policy position papers, webinar invitations, campaign intelligence, and other important actionable items. You can sign up BELOW or, better yet, drop us a line! Just text  'Medicaid' to (772) 577-2336.



Dakotans for Health relies on small donations from a lot of people like you to fund our fight to improve healthcare in the  Dakotas. Please consider BECOMING A MONTHLY DONOR. Our state certified BALLOT COMMITTEE can accept unlimited funds from any person or entity. Your donation will go DIRECTLY to supporting our 2022 Medicaid Reform Campaign. You can DONATE via →CHECK or online via →ActBlue.



We are running a full fledged volunteer effort to collect signatures for our petition drive. Please →BECOME A PETITION CIRCULATOR←  if you can and make sure you follow all the rules listed on our  FAQ PAGE. Every signature we collect with volunteers saves precious resources that we can invest in a winning campaign!




Are you a small business person owner, hospital worker, veteran, or church leader? Have you lost insurance coverage due to recent unemployment? Research shows that your neighbors are more likely to support Medicaid Reform if that they know how it will impact people they know. So please →SHARE YOUR STORY← with us! It is critical to the success of this effort.


Unsure if your story would qualify? SUBMIT it anyway! Medicaid Reform will bring $301,800,000 to South Dakota each and every year which will be used to extend health services to over 42,500 of our fellow citizens and help keep our rural hospitals open. This will create thousands of jobs and help small businesses too. Everyone wins on this one. 

How to Circulate Medicaid Expansion Petitions:

Text "Petition Form" to (772) 577-2336 or fill out your contact information then follow the instructions at the bottom of this page 


Thank you for circulating a Medicaid expansion petition with Dakotans for Health!


Thank you.We will be in touch soon.

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