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What We do

Whether it's working together to pass important ballot measures like Medicaid expansion, raising the minimum wage, or defending our great South Dakota tradition of direct democracy in federal court. We're fully committed to creating an inclusive and healthier South Dakota for everyone. We dream of a Dakota where sustainability, justice, quality healthcare, affordable prescription drugs, and science guide us. And when we come together, we can achieve it

Roe v. Wade Ballot Campaign

Repeal the Grocery Tax Ballot Campaign

Medicaid expansion Campaign

Annual Broadway Gala

Join us 1/20/24 for our annual Reproductive Rights Broadway Gala. This year's theme is 'Seasons of Love.' Tickets are limited!

Share your Story

Have you or a loved one struggled to afford health insurance or prescription drugs? Have you neen denied reproductive healthcare because of South Dakota's abortion ban? Share your story.

The Democracy Center

Our central organizing hub for community events, voter registration, and petitions, peitions, petitions!


Grassroots Network

Helping YOU improve healthcare in the Dakotas

Sign up to circulate a petition, phone bank, or volunteer!

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South Dakotans care about their neighbors. We want to make sure everyone has health insurance and are working together to get it done.

Val  |  Grassroots Volunteer

The Truth About Our Movement to Restore Roe v. Wade in South Dakota

Enter Professor Hannah Haksgaard, a legal eagle from USD Law. She's got the skinny on our amendment, and guess what? It's Roe v. Wade reborn – nothing more, nothing less. Here’s her take, no mincing words.


Petition-gathering group reaches settlement with Minnehaha County

Petition-gathering group reaches settlement with Minnehaha County

"We're pleased that our First Amendment right to circulate these petitions, which was threatened with this policy, is no longer being threatened."


Dakotans for Health sues Lawrence County officals for violating rights

Following the recent ruling in Minnehaha County, the group's lawsuit seeks to stop petition circulation prohibitions that impede core...


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