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The Bottom Line:


Medicaid expansion would provide health insurance to 42,000 South Dakotans who need it


Our grassroots network collect over 60,000 signatures to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot!


On Tuesday, November 8th vote YES on IM 28 and Amendment D!

Additional Campaign Resources

Getting Started

Not sure where to being? Try completing some of the actions on our 'Getting Started' page.

Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Healthcare Survey

We want to hear how you feel about healthcare the Dakotas so we put together a brief survey using artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of our digital Smart Assistant "The Doctor." The survey is approximately 8 questions long and won't be available forever. 

Postcards for Medicaid

Sign up for this leading edge GOTV and persuasion program. Put Medicaid expansion over the top in November.

Grassroots networks like Dakotans For Health are critical to the success of ballot measures. 

Steve Hildebrand   |  Sioux Fall, SD

Health Insurance for 42,000

We have partnered with the South Dakota AFL-CIO and Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Association on a ballot measure that will deliver healthcare to those who need it but can’t afford it, including many parents, seniors, and hardworking families of four who earn less than $34,000 a year. It will bring $300 million of our tax dollars home from Washington, D.C. every year that will make it possible to provide health insurance to the uninsured, lower insurance premiums, make prescription drugs more affordable, keep our rural hospitals open, and create thousands of new jobs, but we need your help...

Grassroots Networks Win Initiatives

Grassroots networks are the central component of our strategy to qualify the measure, build support for passage, and establish a constituency that can implement and defend the law. So be the change you want to see in this world. Join our grassroots effort and start circulating a petition to expand Medicaid right now!

The work of expanding Medicaid is critical to the longterm success of Indian Country and I would like to thank Dakotans for Health for taking it on. People's lives literally depend on it.

Chairman Robert Flying Hawk

Yankton Sioux Tribe



The Truth About Our Movement to Restore Roe v. Wade in South Dakota

Enter Professor Hannah Haksgaard, a legal eagle from USD Law. She's got the skinny on our amendment, and guess what? It's Roe v. Wade reborn – nothing more, nothing less. Here’s her take, no mincing words.



The Fight for Reproductive Rights in South Dakota: How You Can Help

Anti-abortion activists are doing everything they can to prevent the people from deciding. Here is how you can help.



South Dakota: likely test case in the battle to write reproductive rights into state constitutions.

By Rick Weiland and Dr. Amy Kelly. South Dakota is emerging as a, perhaps even the test state, in the coming state by state street fighting to determine a woman’s right to reproductive freedom across America.

Campaign Updates

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Medicaid Expansion

Update: Medicaid Expansion has passed. Congratulations!

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