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About Dakotans for Health

What is Dakotans for Health?

 (1) Dakotans for Health is a healthcare advocacy network dedicated to improving healthcare and health outcomes in North and South Dakota. Per the Associated Press, Dakotans for Health is the lead organizer behind the effort to expand Medicaid in South Dakota in 2022.

Who is Dakotans for Health?

 (1) Dakotans for Health is a network of public health officials, healthcare professionals, patient advocates, elected officials, and concerned citizens organizing around health issues in North and South Dakota. Notable participants include South Dakota Farmers Union President Doug Sombke, former U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan, former North Dakota Insurance Commissioner and Congressman Earl Pomeroy, former Acting Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services Mary Wakefield, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, and former South Dakota Senate Candidate Rick Weiland

Why Dakotans for Health?

 (1) Dakotans for Health believes that the availability of affordable healthcare faces dangerous challenges from a political system that is increasingly partisan and unresponsive. Dakotans for Health will use all of its' energy and resources to support leaders, candidates, causes and ballot initiatives including the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to directly confront these problems.