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We know Dakotans for Health can be trusted to stand up for working families. That is why the IBEW supports their constitutional amendment to expand Medicaid insurance to 42,000 of our friends and neighbors.

About Dakotans for Health

Our Mission

Grassroots Networks Win Initiatives

Dakotans for Health is built around a truth, proven time and time again in campaigns — including our own. Grassroots volunteers are your most valuable asset.


We consistently engage our grassroots volunteers to take meaningful actions and provide them with the support they need to be successful. That builds a self-sustaining community of volunteers and supporters who are empowered to pass, defend, and implement important public policies like Medicaid expansion. 


Compared to expensive traditional campaigns — which research shows waste millions of dollars on expensive TV ads and fancy consultants — we have a much larger impact for our investment.

How We're Different

Dakotans for Health is a grassroots network in South Dakota. Our mission: is to empower our fellow citizens by organizing them on healthcare and other kitchen table issues that are critical to the future of working class people.

Whether it is promoting open enrollment, organizing to pass ballot measures like Medicaid expansion, or protecting our democracy in court, Dakotans For Health is committed to an inclusive and healthier South Dakota. We envision a state marked by sustainability, justice, quality healthcare, affordable prescription drugs, and science. And we organize together to achieve it.


Our Grassroots Donors

Our programs are funded through grassroots donations by a lot of people like you.


By pooling grassroots financial support, we’re able to build early, local programs that previously only US Senate campaigns had been able to afford. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will help build the kind of grassroots change our state so desperately needs.


Dakotans for Health talks ACA, plans to expand Medicaid

Dakotans for Health co-founders, Rick and Adam Weiland, join In the Moment with Lori Walsh to discuss the ACA and plans to take on Medicaid expansion....



On food-tax repeal, Noem attempts 180-degree turn

Noem declared she would now seek repeal of the food tax if re-elected. ...
estimates for Weiland's proposed ballot measures to South Dakota...


SDPB Radio

Abortion rights backers optimistic about petition drive following ...

The South Dakota ballot proposal started collecting signatures November 5th...


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Dakotans for Health is a grassroots network dedicated to improving the quality and availability of healthcare in the Dakotas. 

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