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Dakotans for Health can be relied on to be a strong ally in our fight for affordable healthcare. That is why you see so many doctors and patients supporting their efforts.

Dr. Nancy Babbit MD.   |  Rapid City

South Dakota News Watch

May 19, 2021

New poll reveals economic pessimism and dissatisfaction with democratic institutions

As the state emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, some residents of South Dakota are uneasy about what life holds for future generations...


May 7, 2021

“Crackdown on democracy”: Republican lawmakers across the country are trying to overrule voters

Weiland said the push in South Dakota...

Washington Times

May 6, 2021

Medicaid expansion group loses ballot timeline challenge

The group wants voters to pass a constitutional amendment in November 2022 to expand eligibility for Medicaid.

Argus Leader

May 6, 2021

Medicaid group loses bid in court

A group seeking to expand Medicaid in South Dakota has lost its bid to delay…


May 6, 2021

S.D. Supreme Court says Dakotans for Health can’t refer Legislature’s ‘60%’ ballot measure

Said no to the referendum attempt by the Dakotans for Health ballot-measure group...

Dickinson Press

May 6, 2021

South Dakota voters will see 60% constitutional amendment threshold question in primary, not general election

The state supreme court ruled out a technical issue…

Associated Press

May 6, 2021

Medicaid expansion group loses ballot timeline challenge

The South Dakota Supreme Court has rejected an effort by Medicaid supporters to…


May 6, 2021

High Court Decision Could Make Medicaid Expansion More Difficult

“It just further strengthens our resolve to get Medicaid expansion passed in South Dakota,” Weiland says.


Apr 29, 2021

Judge rules in favor of Dakotans for Health, slowing SB 180’s requirement for paid petition circulators

Dakotans for Health, a group looking to get Medicaid expansion on the 2022 ballot, filed a lawsuit against Noem, the attorney general and the secretary of state in March.

Brookings Register

Apr 29, 2021

Letter: Medicaid expansion for South Dakota

Amending the South Dakota Constitution to...

Pew Charitable Trusts

Apr 27, 2021

Pew Charitable Trusts: GOP Works to Override Voters on Medicaid, Higher Wages, Pot

“But these ballot measures don’t have a political party assigned to them. They’re just issues.”

Dakota Free Press

Apr 18, 2021

Legal Analysis: HJR 5003 Subject to Referendum

Dakotans for Health, led by Rick Weiland of Sioux Falls..