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Dakotans For Health Press Coverage

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Democracy is hard work and it requires all of us to work hard.

Rick Weiland  |  Co-Founder

South Dakota Standard

Nov 19, 2022

West river petition drive to get abortion rights on South Dakota’s 2024 ballot began yesterday in Rapid City.

This is a pretty auspicious start and I couldn’t be more pleased to have been, according to Pam, the first Rapid City signee.


Nov 18, 2022

Head of SD tax agency mum on reach of S.D. grocery-tax repeal

PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — The head of South Dakota's tax-collection agency ...
Democrat Rick Weiland of Sioux Falls proposed them last summer,...

SDPB Radio

Nov 18, 2022

Abortion rights backers optimistic about petition drive following ...

The South Dakota ballot proposal started collecting signatures November 5th...

SD NewsWatch

Nov 16, 2022

Controversy surrounds plan to end food tax by ballot measure rather than through legislature

“Someone needs to hold their feet to the fire,” said Dakotans for Health founder Rick Weiland of Sioux Falls, whose group also plans to put a constitutional amendment on the 2024 ballot to legalize but regulate access to abortion.

Bloomberg Government

Nov 15, 2022

Starting Again Before Final Votes Counted: Ballots ...

... some backers of last week's successful Medicaid expansion ballot ...
“We're already in the streets collecting for 2024,” Rick Weiland,...

PBS News Hour

Nov 15, 2022

South Dakota passed Medicaid expansion. What’s next?

The vote to expand Medicaid “was long overdue” and “means so much to people who don’t have health insurance, and it means so much to our health care systems that are suffering,” said Rick Weiland, who co-founded the group Dakotans for Health and helped raise awareness of the successful ballot initiative. T


Nov 14, 2022

In the Moment: Dakotans for Health co-founder talks Medicaid expansion and abortion rights ballot measures

Rick Weiland joins SDPR to discuss Medicaid expansion implementation...

Dakota News Now

Nov 11, 2022

Attorney General’s wording on petition stalls petition signatures, as group
desires to eliminate South Dakota food and beverage tax

It said that this would also include municipalities, not just the state
share,” said Weiland. Attorney General Food Tax(Dakota news now). With...


Nov 11, 2022

Conservative lawmakers concerned about Medicaid expansion

Rick Weiland, co-founder of 'Dakotans for Health,' said that there's no
proof that this would happen. He adds that that the money put into the...

Dakota Free Press

Nov 11, 2022

South Dakota Has Highest Health Care Costs

A Forbes Advisor analysis found that health care is most expensive in South
Dakota. To see each state's overall ranking and two of the metrics...

Pluribus News

Nov 9, 2022

South Dakota voters approve Medicaid expansion

South Dakotans voted Tuesday to amend their state constitution to expand Medicaid coverage.


Nov 9, 2022

South Dakota Votes to Expand Medicaid, Eyes Turn to Abortion (2)

“We’re already in the streets collecting for 2024,” Rick Weiland, co-founder of the group Dakotans for Health, said about gathering signatures for an abortion rights initiative. Weiland’s group supported Medicaid expansion in the state.

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