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Relief Bill: $180 Million Reasons to Expand Medicaid in South Dakota

Updated: May 18, 2021

Health Provisions in House Relief Bill Would Improve Access to Health Coverage During COVID Crisis #BuildBackBetter #MedicaidExpansionSD #DakotansForHealth #SouthDakota #Dakota #Dorgan #Daschle #Weiland #Bullock #Pomeroy #Wakefield
Health Provisions in House Relief Bill Would Improve Access to Health Coverage During COVID Crisis

$180,000,000 more reasons for voters to support 2022 ballot measure to expand Medicaid and insure 40,000 working South Dakotans

The COVID-19 relief legislation that House committees are considering includes several vital provisions that would make comprehensive coverage more affordable and accessible for millions of people. The legislation would enhance premium tax credits available through the health insurance marketplaces for two years, boost financial incentives for additional states to rapidly expand Medicaid, and enact other proposals to improve access to health coverage during the health and economic crisis.

The proposal out from Energy & Commerce this morning has additional incentives for states to expand Medicaid. It would bump up the federal share of funding for the traditional Medicaid program by 5 percentage points. If this passes, and SD takes up expansion, the state would receive an additional $180 million over 2 years.

According to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities:

"Consistent with a proposal President Biden outlined in January, the House bill would eliminate premiums for many low-income people who are already eligible for plans in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces and vastly reduce premiums for others. It would extend new help with premiums to people with somewhat higher incomes who face high premium burdens. And the bill would protect marketplace enrollees who experienced income fluctuations last year from large repayments of their premium tax credits to the federal government. Additional provisions would bring down insurance costs for specific populations, such as those who receive unemployment benefits and those who lose their jobs but want to temporarily maintain their job-based health insurance.”

You can read the full report courtesy of our friends at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities HERE

About Dakotans for Health

Dakotans for Health, an emerging group of public officials, caregivers, health care advocates, and concerned citizens supporting the expansion of Medicaid released today a COMPREHENSIVE MATERIALS for its volunteers to start circulating a petition for a Constitutional Amendment to expand Medicaid.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock is certainly 'one of us'

You can view our full episode of Healthcare and the Heartland with Governor Bullock HERE

Don't forget to DOWNLOAD and start circulating your petition to expand Medicaid today!

Want to circulate a petition? You can find everything they need to HERE. Want to learn more about Medicaid Expansion (reform)? You can read Dakotan's for Health's general Medicaid Expansion FAQ HERE. Want to make a donation to this effort? You can do so via ActBlue HERE.


South Dakota is one of twelve states who has yet to expand Medicaid under the ACA
North Dakota expanded Medicaid in 2015. The program has brought hundreds of millions of additional dollars into the state:
Montana expanded Medicaid in 2015 as well. The program brings an additional $600 Million a year to the state:

Visual Learner Summary: South Dakota gets $15 back for every $1 it puts in. A 15:1 Return On Investment.


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