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MHA Nation Joins Dakotans for Health

Mandan, North Dakota

The Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation (MHA) proudly supports Dakotans for Health’s ballot initiative campaign to expand Medicaid in the State of South Dakota.

The MHA is located in North Dakota, a Medicaid expansion state. While the MHA Nation has realized benefits from Medicaid expansion, we recognize that South Dakota must make its own decision of whether or not to accept federal dollars from Medicaid to provide health insurance to its many uninsured state residents. This decision has the potential to impact the more than 42,500 uninsured South Dakotans.

I offer two additional advocacy points for choosing Medicaid expansion:

First, there is an economic advantage to Medicaid expansion. By reducing the number of residents without insurance, South Dakota will realize savings in many areas where the state currently bears the cost of operating a pool to cover uncompensated care, the costs of special state programs to provide coverage to the uninsured or the mentally ill, or the cost of other state-funded public health services.

Next, while the State of South Dakota currently covers a substantial share of of uncompensated care costs, hospitals absorb an even larger share of those costs, resulting in a financial strain on hospitals and other health care providers, By expanding Medicaid, South Dakota would reduce such uncompensated costs and strengthen the health care system for all South Dakotans.

Dakotans For Health has worked tirelessly on a ballot measure that will expand Medicaid of South Dakota. The MHA Nation supports your efforts to provide health insurance to the uninsured, to lower insurance premiums, to make prescription drugs more affordable and to keep rural hospitals open.


Mark N Fox

MHA Nation, Chairman

Support for Dakotans for Health
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About Dakotans for Health

Dakotans for Health, an emerging group of public officials, caregivers, health care advocates, and concerned citizens to improve healthcare in the Dakotas including sponsoring the expansion of Medicaid and defending South Dakota's century old tradition of the initiated measure. We are honored to be joined by Organized Labor, all nine of South Dakota's Native Nations, and AFSCME Council 65 in this worthy endeavor.

Questions? Contact Pam Cole [] she is our Grassroots Organizing Director and will take good care of you!

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