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The Truth About Our Movement to Restore Roe v. Wade in South Dakota

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

South Dakota Abortion Ballot Measure Campaign Signs
Why are they so afraid to let the people decide?


Folks, let's get something straight: There’s a whole lot of hogwash being thrown around about our fight to bring back Roe v. Wade in South Dakota. Some special interests and those 'Decline to Sign' characters think they can pull the wool over your eyes. Well, not on our watch. It's time to lay out the cold, hard facts.

Straight Talk from a Legal Sharpshooter

Enter Professor Hannah Haksgaard, a legal eagle from USD Law. She's got the skinny on our amendment, and guess what? It's Roe v. Wade reborn – nothing more, nothing less. Here’s her take, no mincing words.

Quote by Professor Hannah Haksgaard: 'This amendment mirrors Roe v. Wade almost to the letter. We're not about tricks; we're about preserving rights that are under threat.
Source: "Is Proposed Abortion Amendment ‘Far More Extreme’ Than Roe v. Wade?" South Dakota News Watch, 8 June 2023

Like Two Peas in a Pod: Our Amendment and Roe v. Wade

We're not here to play games or spin tales. We’ve lined up our amendment next to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, and the resemblance is uncanny. Check out this side-by-side and see the truth with your own eyes.

Side-by-side comparison graphic showing the similarities between our proposed amendment and the original Roe v. Wade decision. Text excerpts from both documents are displayed, highlighting their near-identical language.
Source: Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 164-65 (1973).

Official Attorney General Explanation

Attorney General Mark Vargo has provided a clear and definitive explanation of the proposed constitutional amendment concerning abortion rights in South Dakota. His statement outlines the amendment's intent and its implications for the regulation of abortion in the state:

Source: Vargo, Mark. An Initiated Amendment Establishing a Right to Abortion in the State Constitution: Official Attorney General Explanation. South Dakota Attorney General, 24 Aug. 2022,

A Rallying Cry: Stand Tall, South Dakota!

This isn't just some political squabble. This is about our rights, our choices, our freedoms. We need every one of you – loud, proud, and ready to stand up for what’s right. Your voice, your action, your vote – they’re all going to count.

Get in the Ring with Us

This is a pivotal moment in our state's story, and we need you in this fight. Swing by Dakotans for Health to join the fray. Together, we're rewriting history, and we need every hand on deck. Let’s make our mark.

Young man wearing a 'Restore Roe v. Wade - Let the People Decide' t-shirt, symbolizing support for reproductive rights. The image serves as a call to action to sign up and volunteer for the cause. His expression is earnest, reflecting the importance and urgency of the movement.


When push comes to shove, it's our unity and grit that'll see us through. Join us in this monumental push to bring Roe v. Wade back to South Dakota. Together, we can beat back the baloney and safeguard our freedoms.

Make a Contribution to Help Put Roe v. Wade on the South Dakota Ballot

Note: if you have saved your contribution information with ActBlue Express your donation will go through immediately.

P.S. You can always make a direct contribution to support the campaign too. We prefer ActBlue if you can. You can also send us a check to Dakotans for Health, PO Box 2063, Sioux Falls, SD 57101.

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