South Dakotans like Ballot Initiatives


Feel that Citizen ballot initiatives are an important part of the democratic process in South Dakota


Don't want the South Dakota legislature should make it more difficult for citizen initiatives to get onto the ballot


Believe that Democracy is always the most preferable form of government

Source: South Dakota News Watch. Chiesman Center for Democracy at the University of South Dakota Poll, April 2021. 

Vote 'NO' on HJR 5003

An attack on Citizens Ballot Initiatives

A 'Crackdown' on Democracy

South Dakota has a rich history of voters taking matters into their own hands when their state leaders fail to act. It is called the citizen ballot initiative and we have been doing it around here since 1898.


But in 2021 the South Dakota Legislature placed HJR 5003 on the June 2022 primary ballot. It is a constitutional amendment requiring 60% approval for citizen ballot initiatives like Medicaid expansion.


They tried to pass a similar measure in 2018, but South Dakotans said NO. We beat them then and we will beat them in 2022, with your help..

Grassroots Networks Win Initiatives

Grassroots networks are the central component of our strategy to defeat HJR 5003, build support for a 'NO' campaign, and establish a constituency that organize to prevent future anti-democratic power grabs. So be the change you want to see in this world. Make a donation to protect citizen ballot initiatives.


The South Dakota Standard

Medicaid expansion passed, recreational weed didn't. But ...

On another front, South Dakotans also may vote on legalizing abortion in
2024. Dakotans for Health cofounder and chair Rick Weiland of Sioux...

South Dakota Standard

West river petition drive to get abortion rights on South Dakota’s 2024 ballot began yesterday in Rapid City.

This is a pretty auspicious start and I couldn’t be more pleased to have been, according to Pam, the first Rapid City signee.


Head of SD tax agency mum on reach of S.D. grocery-tax repeal

PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — The head of South Dakota's tax-collection agency ...
Democrat Rick Weiland of Sioux Falls proposed them last summer,...

In the News
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Grassroots organizers came together to protect the minimum wage and kick the pay-day lenders out of our state. We'll beat HJR 5003 too.

Laney Striker

Grassroots Volunteer

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