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Postcards for Medicaid

Postcards FAQ

How does it work?

We send you postcards, voter addresses and instructions for free. You provide Postcard Stamps and mail the cards to voters on the instructed date. The voter address sheets have 25 addresses per page.

Who are we sending these postcards to?

Our grassroots data scientist, which includes MIT graduates, use the latest predictive analytics to identify inconsistent voters with a high propensity to support Medicaid expansion. We send postcards to them in three phases: persuasion, early voting, and election day GOTV.

What about stamps?

You are responsible for providing the stamps. Remember to buy Postcard Stamps, which are less expensive than Forever Stamps for letters. Postcard Stamps can be used to mail a postcard forever, regardless of the current price. Right now Postcard Stamps cost $0.40. The easiest way to get stamps is online at, but keep in mind it can take up to two weeks for them to deliver. You can also buy Postcard Stamps at your local post office. You can also use stamps with specific monetary values, as long as they add up to at least $0.40. Stamps go in the top right-hand corner on the blank side of the postcard.

Can I help if I can’t write 200 postcards or provide that many stamps?

Yes. The sign-up form starts at 200 because it’s much more economical for us to ship at least that many, but we want to accommodate anyone who wants to help, regardless of capacity or finances. First, please try to recruit people you know or a local grassroots group to join together for a bulk order and pooling for a stamp budget. But if that’s not possible, just email us at

How do I mail the postcards?

Mail them loose and unsorted rather than in rubber bands. Either drop them in a collection bin or at the post office.

How do we decide the best mailing date?

We very carefully plan when to have volunteers mail the postcards, based on a program’s goals, data on when they’re most effective, and actual USPS delivery times.

We send each voter 2-3 postcards. One is timed to arrive at the best opportunity to promote early and mail-in voting, while the second is aimed at increasing Election Day turnout for those who didn’t opt to vote early or by mail. We also do an optional third postcard if we think that voter may require some initial persuasion to support the ballot measure. It’s important to follow our mailing date guidance! When postcards arrive too soon, they’re far less effective.

We closely monitor USPS delivery times to make sure our postcards will arrive at voters’ homes when they are most effective. Over 80% of first-class mail delivers in 1-3 business days, and over 95% arrives within 5-6 days. Our last mailing date of October 28th is 9 business days before Election Day in 2022. While a tiny percentage of postcards will take longer, sending them earlier to guarantee no postcard arrives after the election would reduce the effectiveness of our program and result in fewer votes for Medicaid expansion.

Submit your postcard order!

Once you sign up below, your postcards, voter lists, and instructions will arrive within about 3 weeks. You'll provide the postcard stamps and mail the postcards on the instructed date.  Contact us at if you have any questions

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