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Pledge to vote NO on 'C'

Grassroots organizers came together to protect the minimum wage and kick the pay-day lenders out of our state. We'll beat Amendment C too.

Laney Stricherz

Grassroots Volunteer

Amendment C FAQ

What happens if Amendment C passes?

1. A PERMANENT CHANGE TO CITIZEN INITIATIVES: A superficial 60% vote threshold will become part of the state constitution. Future laws like medical marijuana will be subject to it FOREVER.


2. NO ACCOUNTABILITY: the South Dakota Legislature gets all the power here — not the voters of South Dakota. Who knows what they will do next?


3. NOT NEEDED: South Dakotans have been using citizen initiatives since 1898. Why should we change the vote threshold now? If 50% is good enough to get elected to the legislature it’s good enough for initiatives too.

How can I help?

how your support for South Dakota voters and sign our pledge to vote NO on Amendment C!


Be sure to SHARE this pledge with your friends and family so they can sign, too!

Sign the Petition: I will vote NO on 'C'

A 'Crackdown' on Citizen Ballot Initiatives

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